ennkay Digital is a boutique production company that creates purposeful and compelling cinematic content. We combine our obsession with storytelling with the highest end production gear to build powerful digital cinema fRom conception to completion. our tailored approach is GUARANTEED to Elevate Any project, big or small,to Its full potential.


We've produced a wide array of content for clients such as WaterAid, Aveda, VICE, The Director's Guild of Canada, Havana Club, EOne Entertainment and more...


Nickoloz Kachibaia was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia during the final years of the collapsing Soviet Union. At eight years old, Nick immigrated to Canada, a move that expanded his understanding of cultural diversity and forced him to develop creative ways of adapting to his new environment.

After a challenging experience in school, Nick found himself thrust into a program for at risk youth that taught the basics of film making. He was immediately engulfed into this new medium. Nick then went on to attended York University and double majored in Film Theory and Philosophy. 

Nick views filmmaking as an opportunity to take a deeper look, examine life and illuminate its beauty through creative expression.

Charmaine Kachibaia is a Producer and Director with a passion for storytelling that stems from a deep yearning to understand and honor life. Born in Los Angeles to a father in the film industry, Charmaine began acting at a young age. In her early twenties she came to realize acting didn't afford her the creative control she sought and she began her career behind the lens. Armed with compassion and creativity, she embarked on a journey to serve a deeper purpose through filmmaking.

Charmaine has directed and produced many short films and commercials and her expertise lies in managing conceptual projects and bringing an idea from inception to completion. She's innovative and resourceful at producing inspiring works of varied budgets and sizes, which has allowed her to work to span many genres and categories.

Charmaine believes that as filmmakers we have the duty to bring awareness, inspire action, and uplift the spirit. This notion is what drives all her work and will continually be the backbone of every project she takes on. She is dedicated to living a life of service and leaving a positive impact on the world one story at a time.